Rachel Van Nes was born and raised on an almond farm in Modesto, CA, consistently ranked in the Top 10 Most Miserable Cities in the US. When you’re from a place like that, you have two options: give up or develop a sense of humor and accept that everyone is doing their best. Rachel chose to do the latter and now writes empathy-driven comedies with deeply-flawed female protagonists who struggle to do the same.


Rachel studied improv, sketch and satire at UCB and Second City and has spent the past 6 years writing sketch and performing improv at UCB LA. She currently writes for Wisecrack and Pencilmation, the third most viewed Youtube Channel. Her writing has also been featured in Reductress, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and The New Yorker. Rachel recently had a pilot optioned by Paradoxical Productions and has another, an AFF Rooster Teeth Women in Animation Finalist, in development with Cinetic Media.


Rachel is currently repped by Fourth Wall Management. In her spare time, Rachel aspires to be a soup witch.